Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween unloaded

Well, Halloween was fantastically fun as usual...saw friends, family and many others!

The happenings officially started on Friday night (the night before Halloween). We traveled up north to Stacy, MN to go to my friend and her family's Halloween party. There was apple bobbing, dancing, drinks and food, and costume contests. There were over 80 people in their huge pull barn and almost everyone dressed up! It was a blast!

My costume? A "leaf blower!" I gathered leaves from outside and attached them with string to a hat. When someone asked me what I was I would blow on the leaves. Only a few people got it without my help, others thought it was fun and original. Many guessed that I was trying to be the seasons of autumn or fall.

At the last minute on Saturday we decided that we would go with option F. Yes, not an official option that we came up with beforehand. Due to other priorities during the day, such as homework, we had a hard time making plans that we could for sure stick with. What sounded nice was to hang out with friends and do something Halloweenish. We helped friends hand out candy and then, and then we went out to Stillwater, MN to go on one of Luna Rossa's Haunted Cave Tours. It was sort of scary, but a lot of fun!

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