Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brave new experience

Last week my Creative Process class attended the Brave New Workshop to learn more about innovation from Owner John Sweeney. This is what I wrote after leaving:

I love it when a class doesn’t even feel like class, just like I love the idea of having a job that doesn’t feel like work. As I’m sure many are feeling, I am intrinsically pumped about my first experience at the Brave New Workshop. In fact, I just got home. Creative ideas, thoughts and innovative activities are not new to me, but every time I have an encounter with these things I get excited. As a person who’s naturally more in tune with their Feeling-side, these kinds of self-awareness and be-your-best boosters have me sweating in all imaginable places.

However, I know myself only too well. The thought-provoking creative strategies and self-esteem enhancers I’ve been taught have increased my adrenaline and have me ready and wanting anything to jump in my way and just try to stop me, but my critical, analytical-side has me looking behind me, nagging, “It’s only a few days until you forget about being energetically improvisational and start worrying about how others will judge you.” Is it really only a matter of time until the status quo starts knocking at my brain telling me to hurry up and get a job, make a “living,” be successful? I hope and pray not, because my creative wants and needs are to cling to the thoughts and desires of tonight and to my values and beliefs that truly bring me life. How lucky one must be to stay focused. How short-sighted I become so easily. How narrowly my mind becomes fixed. How much courage it takes to overcome risk.

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