Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am a turkey, stuffing, gravy, potato, casserole, bread and apple pie affectionista. Kitchens are thankful for the gift of great smells and uses, and we are affectionate with full bellies and great company.

Thanksgiving is one of the best days in my calendar. I clear it of all to-do's and get ready to just relax, converse and laugh with lots of family. Since I've been dating Dustin holidays have become even more enjoyable. We have the luxury of both of our families living in the Twin Cities so we never have to decide on one over the other. AND, we don't need to compromise time spent with each side. My family celebrates during daylight and his, the evening. Two feasts in one day - but absolutely nothing to complain about.

Lots of thanking to be given. Bless and be blessed.

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