Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reorganizing a car's programmed radio stations

This week feels void of creativity so I've been thinking of ways I've done things intentionally just to do things differently. What have I done recently…my battery in my car went out, and therefore all my stations that were programmed got deleted. So, I rearranged them in a different order, it’ll take a while to get used to their new placements…but the order makes more sense now.

For some it's numerically, for others it's by type of music.

For me, currently, it's in the order of what I like to listen to the most. My station order was random before; not numerically, not by a category.

I wonder how many times one has to press the buttons of the newly programmed stations to memorize where the new locations are? My guess is something around five drives in the car. This is because I know I switch stations every few if my average drive is fifteen minutes, I've changed radio stations at least three or four times. I subconsciously change the station when DJ's are talking, when there's loud rock music I don't know or when the traffic news is being reported.

When my battery went out and it was time to reprogram my stations, I recalled this antsy finger syndrom of mine and decided to change the order of my radio stations. Now, the buttons I press more often are not the last ones on the right. I usually only use the first two, which hold two stations each.

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