Monday, November 30, 2009

One's junk is another's treasure

Over a week ago I helped my boyfriend’s family go through his grandparent’s house to clear it out. After going through the entire basement we filled two large-sized dumpsters and made several different piles in the house and garage: one for donation, one to sift through, one for electronics and chemicals to dispose of properly, and one for a garage or estate sale. We had about ten people in all, and it took us nearly six hours to clear the basement alone. ‘Why, you ask?’ because his grandparent’s used the basement for the last 20 years purely for storage (and they are moving into assisted living). Silly, I know. It could have easily be used to finish two more bedrooms and a bathroom, or one bedroom and bath with an entertainment area. I wonder if 20 years ago they purposely decided to keep the basement for storage, or if it just became that way.

Anyways, during the cleaning I noticed many neat, old items such as old, old photographs of great grandparents, the grandfather's high school diploma, lots of retro clothes, etc. And when we were finished I came away with some lovely, enjoyable pieces for my apartment!

Set of two foldable lawn chairs for my balcony.

Green vase!

A giraffe figure :)

And, an old blender. I've been wanting one and this will definitely do until Christmas!

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