Monday, January 28, 2008

Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day. Not only is it 40 degrees outside, but I also got to walk around, take pictures of FM employees and have coffee with a team manager in the health sciences district. It was a pleasure to have coffee with him, share stories and catch up about life. If only every day was this nice. If only it was 40 degrees through the rest of winter. If only I had this fresh attitude everyday while at work. ‘If only.’

‘If only’ appears to be a mindset that I solely control and determine. It doesn’t have much to do with events that happen throughout my day or the people I interact with, but the outlook and attitude I bring into my life each day.

All these boring days I have at work...??? Nah!

“Listen to your life, see it for the fathomless mystery that it is. In the boredom and pain of it no less than in the excitement and gladness: touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it because in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace.”

-Frederick Buechner

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Emperor of the empty self, Peer Gynt

Robert Bly’s Peer Gynt provides mystical bliss and pulls off noteworthy humor. Friday night’s opening performance was one of the best for Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theatre.

Bly’s adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s 1867 Peer Gynt shows how a troubled man’s misfortunes and behavior unravel hardship in life, love and relationships. A mother’s boy, turn liar, turn drunkard, develops a nasty reputation in his hometown.

“What I need is a big cleaver so I can cut their guts out!” murmured Actor Mark Rylance, the amazingly talented, yet distressed, Norwegian Peer Gynt. After being humiliated and drunk with wine, Peer extricates himself from civilization as he knows it, and decides to try a new way of life among the unpopular trolls…unsuccessfully.

After escaping from engagement, a child and an indefinite troll life, Peer tries to mold his being around the unattainable troll king’s motto, "Out there, where the sun shines so much, people say: 'Be true to yourself, increase and grow.' Down here in the dark, where everything's rough, we say, 'Just be yourself, you're good enough.'"

Giving a realistic account for the number of professional changes often found in modern life, Peer tries himself at sea, convinces a religious group of ladies he’s a prophet, becomes a European capitalist and ultimately ends up fulfilling his professional dream of being emperor…alas, of an insane asylum in Cairo.

With countless scene changes, foreshadows and flashbacks, Bly’s rhyming rendition reflecting Ibsen’s original Peer Gynt left some themes feeling incomplete. The lively opening surprise party for Peer amid an already bustling audience didn’t seem to receive the attention it probably deserved. Not only did it take minutes for them to quiet the audience, but after realizing that this wasn’t entirely important to the show itself it was rather disruptive.

Even with the sometimes non-comprehendible, otherworldly events and scenes, Rylance’s self-awareness over his powerful ability to engage and captivate an audience was remarkable. It’s not very often an actor can stop an orchestra’s music mid-script through humor and wit without worry of losing the audience.

Unfortunately many years too late, Peer seemed to be reconciled to his faithful empire, Solveit, played by Miriam Silverman, just before accepting punishment for his sins.

With energy that blew through the roof and a special closing appearance from the playwright himself, Peer Gynt receives my highest recommendation for play of the season and vote for best leading actor.

Monday, January 21, 2008


“Make a career of humanity…and you will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Friday, January 18, 2008

January 31 - less than 2 weeks away

I now know that my last day of my current job will be January 31. I’m excited to move on to something different, even if the difference may unfortunately be unemployment.

Life is such a funny thing. One day you’re worrying about the future, and the next thing you know you find yourself somewhere completely unexpected. Sometimes at a job you didn’t even apply for. I think I have a job now and I won’t say what it is yet because it isn’t ‘for sure, for sure’ yet. I was offered a job that I’ve accepted, but I haven’t even applied or turned in any paperwork yet…which makes it feel just a little too unofficial as of now. I will tell you that I’m really excited about it though.

These unexpected surprise jobs happen every day. I met up with a friend for coffee the other day who just recently was hired to be a Junior Account Executive for a firm based in New York. They threw in some perks and he had no option but to rid himself of his more-complicated job situation, which involved about a billion part-timers (exceedingly exaggerated). An unexpected, welcomed surprise.

As a matter of fact, almost all of my jobs have happened unexpectedly. Sufficient proof that God knows better than I do.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Interior Design/Decorating, Architecture, Aesthetics

I love putting things together and editing, always design-minded, always. The only experience I’ve had that remotely expresses and reveals these types of artistic skills in me is my editing and layout experience for The Column (NWC’s bi-weekly newspaper). I like the fine details, the creativity of making pages different and stand out and the use of fonts, graphics and photos to illustrate stories or themes. I also like playing with words, using the thesaurus and writing very descriptive reviews of places, plays and restaurants.

‘Someday I’d like to be an Interior Designer!’ I tell myself. This odd, out-of-nowhere job only stems from the aforementioned experience. But I’ve only had that single experience because I’ve never allowed myself to take an art class, architecture class or creative writing class. I think I would have loved these kinds of classes actually. If I had maybe then I’d have an idea of a specific career I could do, and enjoy.

Perhaps interior decorating, advertising or English degrees would have gotten me somewhere. Journalism… perhaps journalism will get me there too. Or somewhere in between.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Man, am I sore today! I went to a very exhilarating, yet consequential class yesterday at my gym, The Sweatshop. The class that just recently came to my gym is Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts class. It incorporates self-defense, music, break dancing and acrobatics! Obvious enough, it was intense.

However sore I am from head to toe, I can’t wait to go back! It may just be the hardest fitness class I’ve ever gone to. I went to a Kettlebell class about a month ago, and until now, that was the hardest class I’ve ever been to. The two classes really shouldn’t be compared though. They are two different sorts of ‘tough.’ Kettlebell uses what looks like a cannonball with a handle attached to it and one uses lots of swinging motions. It can greatly increase ones strength and takes a lot of endurance and balance.

Capoeira… well it incorporates a little of everything. Those who are the most dedicated wear white karate pants and often have a musical instrument to contribute to ‘game time,’ a sort of combat in actuality. Since the martial art comes from Brazil, the language behind songs and moves is in Portuguese. For the most part, Capoeira is a no-impact sport, but you use different moves such as kicking, ducking, cart-wheels, hand-stands, etc. to be offensive or defensive. If you are having a hard time visualizing this, you should just go see it for yourself!

Visit the Sweatshop on an open house day!

Friday, January 11, 2008


Dear Reader:

This is my second attempt at doing ‘free-writing.’ I remember practicing this in 7th grade in Ms. Hume’s English class. It was enjoyable. Sometimes we did it while listening to music that people brought in. She wanted us to learn how to just keep writing. I think she probably had the same theory behind it as the editor did in the suggestion I read yesterday. Between the two influences, now I am doing just this.

I hardly ever write anymore. I keep a blog online that I contribute opinions, links, photos and job inputs to once in a while. It’s just for me really; part of my effort to try and get me writing more often.

Maybe I’ll start posting these free-writing samples on there… that could be fun. And, only the ones that don’t have personal stuff in them of course.