Friday, January 18, 2008

January 31 - less than 2 weeks away

I now know that my last day of my current job will be January 31. I’m excited to move on to something different, even if the difference may unfortunately be unemployment.

Life is such a funny thing. One day you’re worrying about the future, and the next thing you know you find yourself somewhere completely unexpected. Sometimes at a job you didn’t even apply for. I think I have a job now and I won’t say what it is yet because it isn’t ‘for sure, for sure’ yet. I was offered a job that I’ve accepted, but I haven’t even applied or turned in any paperwork yet…which makes it feel just a little too unofficial as of now. I will tell you that I’m really excited about it though.

These unexpected surprise jobs happen every day. I met up with a friend for coffee the other day who just recently was hired to be a Junior Account Executive for a firm based in New York. They threw in some perks and he had no option but to rid himself of his more-complicated job situation, which involved about a billion part-timers (exceedingly exaggerated). An unexpected, welcomed surprise.

As a matter of fact, almost all of my jobs have happened unexpectedly. Sufficient proof that God knows better than I do.

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