Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Interior Design/Decorating, Architecture, Aesthetics

I love putting things together and editing, always design-minded, always. The only experience I’ve had that remotely expresses and reveals these types of artistic skills in me is my editing and layout experience for The Column (NWC’s bi-weekly newspaper). I like the fine details, the creativity of making pages different and stand out and the use of fonts, graphics and photos to illustrate stories or themes. I also like playing with words, using the thesaurus and writing very descriptive reviews of places, plays and restaurants.

‘Someday I’d like to be an Interior Designer!’ I tell myself. This odd, out-of-nowhere job only stems from the aforementioned experience. But I’ve only had that single experience because I’ve never allowed myself to take an art class, architecture class or creative writing class. I think I would have loved these kinds of classes actually. If I had maybe then I’d have an idea of a specific career I could do, and enjoy.

Perhaps interior decorating, advertising or English degrees would have gotten me somewhere. Journalism… perhaps journalism will get me there too. Or somewhere in between.

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