Saturday, October 31, 2009

To give pumpkins or scare?

I'm still trying to finalize my plans for the spooky evening...all I know is that I'm hanging with my man (hopefully with friends also) and we're dressing up.

Some options we've pondered:

  • buy a ton of pumpkins that are on 'clearance' because it's last minute and give them out as treats to kids 
  • Last year we did this and placed them all around my past year's house's yard for party guests to laugh
  • dress up and go somewhere publicly to pretend like we're eery stationary scarecrows, and roll eyes around for extra spook affect
  • hang out with friends and do the whole scary movie, apple cider indoor, low-key bit
  • go bowling in costumes, I always love cosmic bowling!
  • call up friends last minute and plan party at boyfriend's parents' house (yes, he still lives there...but for good reasons), this would definitely include use of an amazing hot tub and big screen television screen
So with a little bit of desperation, which of these options or other would you do...if you didn't already have plans? Or, what are your plans??

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