Monday, October 19, 2009

Defending my life

There are many points in one’s life that stick out as defining moments, accomplishments and transformative milestones. Not all of these experiences and events would be used to “defend” one’s life though. In “Defending Your Life,” by Albert Brooks, the moments that are used to defend his life are those where he might have showed restraint or bravery, put his feelings behind him, and/or overcame fear.

I think when we’re presented with opportunities to overcome challenges and fears it’s easiest to turn around and run away. How often we have something in sight that we’d like to happen, but when the decision is actually presented to us we shy away or justify excuses so that we don’t need to deal with uncertainty, risk or possible failure. We’ll whine and make reasons why we shouldn’t be the person to complete the task, or why someone else would be a better fit.

As I’ve been thinking about some of the major events in my life, I cannot say that I would use most of them to defend my life. Most times I can recall that I was scared, worried or nervous. And, if presented with a way out of the situation, I probably would have, and did, take it. Some of the greatest accomplishments in life are those where we are encouraged (or forced) to make a decision, implement an idea, or take a risk. It’s in these situations that I’ve seen myself grow, become more confident and press forward in life. I may not have overcome all fear in life, but I’ve learned to take risks in order to achieve or gain something greater.
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