Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Read This: Fab Freebie: IKEA, IKEA, IKEA!

Gosh, you may have already gathered that I'm in love with Young House Love (YHL for future reference) and their amazingly cute blog life. Their post today has me yipping with excitement though! I can't stop smiling.

Some days I wonder how super it'd be to stop working so that I can do so many of the things I long to do. But practicality always steps in, I need the money. I need to pay my bills, la-ti-da.

Our wonderful furniture friend -- IKEA started up this amazing thing called "The Life Improvement Project." Purpose something like...simply to improve the world of others. Wonderful, right? Well, IKEA contacted YHL to do a little give-away...a $350 gift card to IKEA, and a little promo on their new program.

Sherry and John write it well, so I'll just share their explanation: "'...The Life Improvement Project' where {IKEA will} award one philanthropic individual $100,000 to take a one year sabbatical to help others (start a non-profit, volunteer for a year, etc). Plus they’re hosting free seminars in their stores about improving your life through your living space."

So spread a little blog love, go visit Sherry and John at YHL for the possibility to win at IKEA, or write up the ways you long to help others over at The Life Improvement Project.

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