Friday, October 1, 2010

Amalgamate: The work of his hands

A post from three years ago, seems to be very true today as well.

"This past weekend was beautiful. Actually, this season seems to always be beautiful. But where I was this past weekend was specifically so.

Despite the occassional rain on Sunday in Long Prairie, Lake Beauty's colorful fall leaves overwhelmed and surpassed any I'd seen so far this year.

We took a hike on Sunday through a mostly wooded area only to find ourselves eventually completely surrounded by colorful fall leaves! Everywhere. Above, below, ahead.

As if things couldn't be proved more beautiful, Shelly Pagitt, an amazing woman (and wife of my pastor) led us to participate in the tree pose, a yoga posture, in a circular fashion among these towering trees. The stillness of our breath, the balancing of our limbs, and our ever-praising hands and spirits lifted above ourselves to acknowledge our God's work in all creation."

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