Saturday, October 2, 2010

North Shore Camping Extravaganza-aaa

Last weekend D and I went to Duluth to do a little camping with a couple married friends of ours. (It's taken me a while to get the photos uploaded due to an incredibly busy school week. Done with that - whew.)

Twas an adventure. I’ve never camped in Duluth before, and both of us couples haven't camped with our spouses before (well at least not as married folks).

We aimed to go to Split Rock to camp and if they were full then we would go to Goosberry Falls, and if they were booked we would just head to our friends’ parents’ house or cabin – which is in a pretty woodsy area of Duluth (so maybe it’d feel like true camping anyways). Well, we got up to Split Rock …and luckily they had three campsites left. We picked the most secluded one and by the time we started hauling our stuff up to the campsite the other two had been taken as well. Whew.

We hiked around a bit, gathered wood and then huddled by the fire both nights as the temperatures drooped down to nearly freezing.

Saturday we went up to Beaver Bay where we hiked around and jumped the river rock-to-rock. It was quite a feat and I must say I pushed my confidence quite a bit. Probably the bravest I've had to be in a while.

We huddled around the fire again that night, but instead of bearing the winterish weather, we ended up going to our friends' parents' cabin where there was heat, fearing we might have froze to death in the night otherwise (temps got down to 25ish or so - ick).

Anywho - Duluth, for those who haven't been there, is such a beautiful place to be in the fall. Sooo colorful. Here are some pics from our mini-vacay:

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