Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall trail blazing

My dear friend Shelly and I went on a walk through some nature trails behind the Tamarack Nature Center this past weekend. And, we took our four-legged friends with us. I grabbed the in laws' dog, the furry brown and white, Cavachon. My friend's dog is half long-haired chihuahua/half chinese crestid.

It was super beautiful out, prime time in the cities I think. We walked for about an hour and a half (tiring out the dogs) and didn't re-walk a single trail. AND, these trails are less than a mile from where I live and I didn't even know they existed!

There was a point in the trail where it turned into a board walk which led out to a dock on a lake/pond also. Missed that photo op, but I definitely plan to return soon and show Dustin.

Enjoy more of fall's beauty. It's only around a little bit longer!


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