Monday, September 6, 2010

Staying cool through the wedding

Last post I mentioned how I managed to maintain my sanity throughout the wedding week: ie. getting rid of unnecessary elements (some DIY elements, some home improvements, etc.) and creating a great attitude.

This calming attitude helped me to create a relaxing atmosphere for my wedding day as well. I had a vision about how I wanted to spend my time before, during and after the wedding, and everything I did prior to the wedding and scheduled for the wedding day were my best efforts to allow Dustin and I to enjoy our wedding the way we wanted to.

Of course there were some chaotic times, I don't think I've heard of a wedding with no element of surprise. But overall, our wedding day was the best ever and I wouldn't have wanted it different in any way.

Creating this sense of calm started way prior to wedding week - I scheduled a massage, brunches and time with girlfriends, a pedicure and manicure, and a trip to the flower's market all to make sure I enjoyed the wedding week. You ask, ''How does this have to do with staying calm on your wedding day?"" Well, to me it has about as much to do with the wedding day as getting a good night's rest before the wedding day does (Tip: get a good night's sleep the entire week of the wedding).

I took these things that brought calm into my week and carried similar enjoyable things into the wedding day. By keeping myself calm, relaxed and happy throughout the week, I believed I was more likely to stay so for the wedding as well.

My best friends stayed over the night before the wedding, which made for extra fun my last night as a bachelorette. We made breakfast in the morning and then headed to the salon (the most beautiful salon ever, Jesse Tomme Salon in Montemedi) where our heads were each pampered for an hour. (Not to mention that D surprised us with a limo at our door to take us from place to place!) After the salon we headed back to our lovely, construction-filled home where we met our make-up artist from Origins. Now this is where some craziness having to break into my house because we didn't have a key on us (caught on video, mind you).

We had some snacky food, chatted and got our make-up done at my house for about 2-3 hours. I probably could have planned to have things stacked while we were at the salon and done something different with this time. But I wanted allow time to just be, to enjoy my friends and take in the day. I highly recommend making sure this is a top priority. I've heard from several brides that their wedding flew by and they couldn't even remember all the events of their day. How sad!

No rushing, no worrying. Stay calm and cool.

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