Monday, September 20, 2010

Alaskan Cruising: Ketchikan

Oh Ketchikan, how much fun we had with you on our honeymoon. D and I went kayaking in the waters of Alaska while in Ketchikan. Unfortunately, we didn't see much of the city of Ketchikan, but we hear it's mostly touristy attractions anyways, right?

Ketchikan is such a neat little island. Next to the rain forest, our bus guide (on our way to kayaking) told us that the ciy gets about 11 inches of rain a month -- year round! Yikes. And while kayaking, although we had a lot of fun,  we got completely soaked! It started downpouring half-way through our voyage.

They have one road, and the only way off the island is by boat/ferry. To fly out, they need to take a ferry to another island to use the tarmac. They told us this is definitely not the city to get left behind on - only because of their expensive fares.


I believe this is Eagle Island actually, where we saw some monster nests and a few birds :)

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