Friday, September 3, 2010

Staying cool through wedding week

So some of you might remember my post two weeks prior to my most-loved day ( TWO WEEKS! ), where I couldn't imagine myself being stressed or busy before the wedding because I felt like there was nothing left to do. Wrongo. The warnings, the hypothetical situations, the storm before the calm -- all true.

Dustin and I found ourselves with a gazillion things to do the week of the wedding, and only 7 days (well, 7 for me, 3 for him). I took the week off of work and he took three days, but to no avail. We could only run to so many places in one day, get so many contractors into our house in a week, and run through plan B --- oh the night before the wedding.

While we were all smiles, there was definitely a bit of adventure throughout wedding week, the blessed day itself as well as throughout our honeymoon journey (to be shared in another post.)

Who knew there was such a thing as too much DIY for your wedding? When is too much DIY? Apparently I reached it. And, I found that the too-much-DIY moment must be different for each bride-to-be. For me, DIY had to stop in order to retain sanity during my wedding week. I still was a bit crazy and conquered too many things I probably didn't need to, and a few things just didn't happen the way we originally thought they would.
All of a sudden, things like placecard holders made out of cork, ceremony decorations and cute, wooden direction signs were no longer important and therefore were tossed out like last week's trash. I no longer had a desire to even do them, none-the-less put my time and energy (or lack there of) into them.

And, all these things that I had planned on doing that didn't happen weren't missed at all. The day was still beautiful and happy. No one noticed, except for maybe my favorite DIY supporter, my MOH, and my then husband-to-be.

So all the cool-as-a-cucumber compliments I received throughout the wedding week and on the day itself were in fact true. All the little things didn't matter. I kept my mind focused on the things that mattered most to me: at the end of the day I was going to be married to my best friend, and all those that I love were going to be there to share the experience and support us.

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