Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Checkin' In and Baggage Claim: Lessons Learned

So I mentioned I would share a bit about our honeymoon adventure… first, let me explain our first few hours of the honeymoon. One might call our morning ‘hectic’ or ‘stressful.’ I call it a nightmare. Well, I guess you can judge whether I’m exaggerating a bit or not. But for some people I know, this is their worst nightmare.

So the morning after our wedding my MOH and her fianc√© pick us up at our house to take us to the airport. It’s a Saturday and we gave ourselves plenty of time to get their, get checked in and have a cup-of-Joe before our flight to Seattle. Or so we thought. Apparently Saturday mornings are horrendous when flying out of town and we should have given ourselves half a day to get checked in. Ick. Never the less, by the time we got to the front counter it was too late to check ourselves in, let alone our bags.

Fortunately, the manager was able to bypass the system and manually check us and our bags in. Seconds later we were running through the MSP airport to find our gate. We made it about five minutes before take off. Whew.

Jump forward three hours or so to SEATAC. We’re down at baggage claim…waiting, waiting…one of our checked luggage comes, the other doesn’t. How does that happen? Two and a half weeks later it’s still a mystery, but we have our guesses. We think they never scanned our luggage in. One got thrown on the plane and the other didn’t and our flight provider was unable to even locate our luggage. Ugh.

So, instead of then taking our pre-paid transportation to our ship, we hitched a cab to South Center Mall with hopes of making it back to the airport to then take our shuttle to our ship. Once at the mall we rushed into Macy’s to find some important needs for our cruise. Not only were all our shoes and toiletries in the luggage that was lost, but we realized that D forgot his dress clothes in our living room before we headed out the door also – meaning no suit coat, dress pants or collared shirts. Throwing money at the cashiers to purchase these essentials, we then ran out the mall, across the street to Target for the rest of our necessities: make-up and tennis shoes (our first excursion we were going hiking).

A cab picked us up at Target and unfortunately we headed down to Pier 91 with only 45 minutes prior to the ship’s embarkation time. On the way to the pier we received a call from the ship wondering where we were and wondering if we were still coming. We were the last ones on the ship. AND, everyone was on deck 3 for the safety training when we struggled with all our shopping bags through the zigzag entrance lines and up onto the ship. Without saying, we were dismissed from safety training and told to come at a different time (where we were the only ones there) as we swiftly made our way to our stateroom.

Rest at last.

Lessons Learned: Check in online or waaay ahead of time; and pack a few days' stay in your carry on.

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