Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolution is the buzz word

I’ve been planning on mentioning my resolutions to you since sometime late December, but have had a hard time getting to it. Almost every blog I read regularly has already had their take on resolutions; whether they are for or against, have one or many, or none at all. Reading all the buzz on everyone’s resolutions has kind of dampened my motivation and efforts toward them.

You see, I try to make resolutions every year. But every year, I end up forgetting what I aimed to be resolute on. With my frequent use of Google Docs, I decided I would type out my 2011 resolutions there to keep track of them. And, by putting them out here in the blogosphere, more accountability (I hope).

So…copy and paste, work your magic…Bam! Here they are:

1. Make Bed Daily More Often
Reward to Self: Peaceful Surrounding

2. Floss Teeth More Regularly

3. Sleep More
Preferably at least 7.5 to 8 hrs each night

4. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise
Reward to Self: Wine/Ice Cream

I thought about tangible things that I could accomplish, instead of big lofty goals that would be too broad to truly reach. I also thought about my lazy tendencies, knowing that I would mess up at times, forgoing my resolutions all together for maybe a week, day or month. But, who says that the first day of 2011 means change needs to happen all at once? I look at it as a starting point; a day of rejuvenated energy and anticipation for what all may be possible in the year to come.

In fact, two days after I enacted my 2011 resolutions, I failed to follow the first one on my list…hence the wording change.

The second has to do more with what I have failed to do lately. I used to be that girl who flossed her teeth religiously every night. However, since I’ve been married, a lot of my good habits have been pushed aside, including the regularity of flossing.

And my lack of flossing regularly really is a result of the third resolution on my list…I don’t get as much sleep as I should. Again, since I’ve been married, I’ve conformed to my husband’s habit of going to bed late and waking up early. Which literally turns me into a walking zombie at night (okay, not really literally) I’m a girl who fully appreciates at least eight hours of beauty sleep. My morning person only reveals itself with this much sleep, seriously. Otherwise, stay clear until I get my morning brew.

My fourth resolution has been a work in progress. I really just want to exercise more routinely. When I’m in classes two nights a week and pressed for deadlines, the first thing that usually gets skipped in my schedule is exercising. It’s left me out of shape and tired, and I’m motivated to create some variety, get interested and push myself. And how will this be sustainable, since I’m so quick to opt out of exercising? My daily intake of vino (and possibly my favorite dessert…) go out the door instead. No vino or ice cream if I don’t stick with exercising.

There you have it; my 2011 resolutions. I’ll try to keep you updated as I work through these obsticles.Here’s to finding accountability and pushing ones goals into print.

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