Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 resolutions, throwing in the towel...

2011 resolutions...maybe not the best idea (or well thought out?). Although I've failed to update you immediately on my first and second resolutions, Make Bed More Often and Floss Teeth More Regularly, they both have flopped on their bellies. Or, at least I have at maintaining them. (My last two resolutions are still a work in progress...more on those later.)

I've realized that I'm a little happier in the morning when I don't feel stressed to make my bed in the morning. And, so far in 2011 I've almost always found running out the door in a hurry, and have forgotten to do it. So, make bed everyday to create peaceful atmosphere that I only see at night anyways, or retain sanity while getting ready for work? I think the later is more important for me, for now. Maybe making the bed on the weekends is a more realistic goal for the hubs and I, you know, since we can actually see our home in the daylight.

That flossing the teeth more regularly resolution? Probably not a good one to give up on, but I just think having a resolution to do it has made the whole thing that more daunting. I love my gums and teeth, and so does my dentist. That's the motivation to keep them healthy. With that, all I've needed to do was find a better time to maintain the routine. In the morning, on the way to work as the hubby drives, or at work. Done.

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