Thursday, July 8, 2010

When it rains, it pours

Yes, you know the saying. We all know the saying. Once in a while when something dramatic, intense or stressful is going on in our lives, things don't get easier...they get harder. Or take longer. Or get more stressful. Such is life, right?

Well, such is my life lately anyways. As future posts have hinted at (okay, more like pounded you over the head with), I'm getting married. And, if you have been able to estimate when this is happening due to the timing of posts and when things such as engagement, photos, etc. have happened, you know D and my marriage is coming up quite quickly.

And if you've clued into other posts, such as ones about our painting and remodeling projects, you know we recently bought a house that happily consumed our lives.

That's enough to keep life sparkin' for a few months; definitely enough to keep us excited, stressful, dangerous and hysterical at times. For examples of dangerous look up axes, flames, ladders, or heavy refridgerators.

But what about the rest of our every day occurences that tend to increase life's excitement at all the wrong moments? Or maybe the right one's disguised as bad ones. This little downpour rides in with stripes, high endurance, four wheels and a lot of character...

Or at least I hope so. I've been car hunting for a few weeks now (dreaming for years) since my little Neon carpooped and no longer can travel with me. You've been a good little vehicle for a long long while, but I'm moving on to better, brighter, smaller things. Anyone own a Mini yet? Please tell me nice things because my heart probably can't be swayed anyways.

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