Saturday, May 29, 2010

A new home, a lot of TLC

A couple posts back I mentioned that I was (now am) going to become a home owner (To be...a home owner). It's the reason I feel so crazy right now, and have no social life. But it's a very very exciting piece of my life right now. We closed on May 17 actually so we've definitely been diving into the heart (or grime) of the house. Since it was a foreclosure there's quite a bit of work for us to do. We knew we wanted a fixer-upper for its ability to become our own through the work of our hands, and my hunny is very handy (not to mention we both come from families who have built houses).

One of the worst problems about the house is the fact that the people who lived there prior were heavy smokers. Not that they were overweight, but that they turned the walls and ceilings yellow. The carpet is the nastiest thing I've seen ever and the cabinetry still reaks like stale smoke. Besides the fact that the owners were smokers, black mold was growing around the downstairs bathroom due to a plumbling leak from the upstairs tub. These few things reveal the obvious lack of care for the house and complete neglect that home assumed by its prior owners. Sad times.

But...we love the house. It's unique and laid out well. It has no structural problems. It's planted in a beautiful yard, in a great neighborhood (and next to a HUGE dog park). And, it will be a happy home once again with a lot of TLC.

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