Friday, May 14, 2010

Extravagant Honeymooning

I'm attending my second of three weddings for May this Saturday. After two months of engagement and a total of 6-8 months of not-technically dating, it'll be interesting to meet my friend's fiance for the first time at their simplistic, quick wedding. I'm so very excited to witness their union and celebrate with them! There will be quite a few unique elements to their wedding, but what I'm most fascinating by is their honeymoon. The newly betrothed will be hoping around the world for at least 3-6 months starting in Instabul on Sunday. Yikes! How I marvel at the ability to take such a trip, yet don't know how it would even be possible in my life. Full time job risking, losing of a permanent home, leaving all friends and family, errasing all savings...only scary dreams. Have you taken such a trip for your honeymoon? Was it as glamorous as I could imagine?

Well, one thing that makes their trip a little more feasible is that they have no immediate needs for home essential-type gifts, just money for the honeymoon.

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