Thursday, December 24, 2009

A little pirate treasure and Christmas spirt

This past weekend was a bit crazy! Went to lots of parties to celebrate the Christmas season with great friends, did some last minute wrapping, etc. And, Dustin and I started celebrating Christmas a little early on Sunday. He had this running story that began mid-last week that included our pirate alter egos and supposed heritage stemming from Greenbeard. Well, Greenbeard scattered clues that would lead to his precious "Christmas spirits and treasure" all thorugh MN and it was prophesized (so the story goes) that Lovebug (my pet name) would be the one to recover it someday.

So Sunday morning I began my adventure to search for my descended treasure by a "treasure map" that led to a starting destination to receive another clue (another piece of a burnt/worn road map) that led to yet another clue, and so on and so on.

The pirate heritage is spread all throughout the Twin Cities, and it turned out that all Dustin's and my closest friends are descendents of Greenbeard as well. Who knew?

Two-and-a-half hours later I found myself wandering the woods of Sucker Park, following a green trail left by Greenbeard (designed by Dustin) which led to an X in the snow. Laughing, and digging with my frozen, bare hands I found the Pirat box (from Pirat rum) gifted to Dustin last year which beheld the Christmas spirits (champaign & two glasses) and a tiny box holding Greenbeard's dearest treaure -- MY RING!

The Captain popped out of the cattails in time to get on a knee before his hysterical Pirate Queen to propose and say many lovely things that were filmed by his brother still hidden.

There are many more details to my adventure that would exhaust too many here, but if you're close I'd like to sip over some bubbly and share more about the exciting tale!


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