Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spark a little creativity with weird

It’s difficult to put into words what creativity means to me. As I’ve read, my right brain is more creative than my left, so putting meaning into words can be difficult to express what my eyes see, what my ears hear and what my heart feels. Creativity is triggered extrinsically for me, but reacts internally. All meaning behind what is creative to me is in response to what’s inside me. This creativity is therefore subjective, but beautiful and unique. For me creativity requires reflection and time, and some risk. Learning to be more creative has definitely been about learning to see and think differently, and to try new things in order to get different results.

Just as my boyfriend and I are learning into our already three-hour long game of Lord of the Rings Risk, you don’t succeed by being passive and defensive. It’s necessary that you think strategically and act in order to win and produce results.

It's necessary that you go into the weird a little bit. Write to Done writes just about this:  Why weird stuff makes you creative.

"When is your creativity is at its peak? What circumstances are optimal? Because if you  know that, then you can try to replicate the circumstances of maximum creativity."

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