Monday, February 25, 2008

Twin Citites Chekhov Festival: Bryant Lake Bowl

"Swan Song" & "Uncle Sergei" & "A Boring Story" (Twin Cities Chekhov Festival)

Three one-act plays at Bryant lake Bowl, Saturday Feb. 23. The first two were short, the last (A Boring Story) a bit longer...but for good reason. Leading actor Bruce Hyde, a.k.a. 'Professor So-and-so,' did an amazing job in the first adaptation of Chekhov's 'A Boring Story'. Hardly boring; five artists played what had to be at least 10 roles.

Go to Bryant Lake Bowl to go bowling, have dinner, a drink and see a play all under one roof. This Lake Street gem has 'Cheap Date' nights Monday after 6pm to include 2 entrees, a bottle of wine and a game of bowling for $28. Or, take advantage of BLB's tradition of wining and dining while pleasantly enjoying a theatric event.

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