Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

My favorite part of Thanksgiving this year? The fact that I get to sleep in with my husband on our first turkey day as a married couple, wake up easy, drink some coffee, read the paper, and have the time to reflect on how blessed we are.

Of course the moment noon strikes we’ll be rushing out the door, hoping from family to family, socializing and eating. We probably won’t sit and relax most of the day.

But, without even realizing it, I’ve gotten my wish for Thanksgiving – to be home for at least part of the holiday with just my family (just D and I).

I’ve been a little irked lately that it’s nearly impossible for us to start any new holiday traditions as a newly married couple since we have ALL our family within driving distance. It’s something many people long for, and something for which we’re equally thankful for. But we spend half the day driving from place to place. Part of me wants to stay home on this blistering blessed day (the weather is pretty much deathly). And, up until this week I thought we would be running around all day. But…dot dot dot…I’ve been pleasantly informed that we actually don’t need to be ANYWHERE in the morning. Which is, bliss.

Anyways, for all of you traveling to see loved ones today, count all your blessings (and your frozen toes if you’re in MN). For those of you without loved ones today, be comforted and thankful. There’s so much to be thankful for. Fresh water, a warm shelter, loving friends and family, and a generous Savior.

"[Jesus] said, 'This is how you should pray: Father, may your name be honored. May your Kingdom come soon. Give us our food day by day.’” Luke 11:2-3 NLT

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