Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reimagining Black Friday

William Doherty, family science professor at the University of Minnesota, invites us all to pay closer attention to what is really important and what aligns with our values as the holiday season approaches. “Black Friday, instead of being a day of the launching of the frantic consumerism, can be a day of reflection on regaining a balance in our lives.”

Holiday Season 2008

“The idea behind a ‘Black Friday’ event is to put into people’s awareness and consciousness that the launch of the holiday season does not have to center around frantic shopping.”

Please take the time this Friday to ask yourself, ‘What is important to me this holiday season?’ and, ‘How can I live this out this year?’


Natasha said...

Oh. I know you are right, but I could really go for a good black Friday experience here. I'm seriously shopping deprived. I've been in South America too long!

me: said...

I've felt shopping deprived also...but that may be because my roommates keep bringing home fabulous finds!