Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beautiful U Day in sync with Earth Day

I may not always like my job, but I love the atmosphere, people and department I work with. Facilities Management includes Recycling, Reuse, Landcare among other areas for facilities care. With this, it's fun to always be around people who care about sustainability, environmentally-friendly substances and product efficiency.

Every year, the U of M celebrates Beautiful U Day and this year is the 10th anniversary.

"Beginning on Beautiful U Day, the University of Minnesota will celebrate campus beautification and sustainability through Earth Day (Tuesday, April 22) and later."

Throughout the day there are various things happening at all of the University's campuses. This year's event includes free environmentally-minded lunches, beautiful building awards, tours and free LCD light bulbs! In addition, the kick off is scheduled at the Reuse Center and there will be an open house in the Food Operations Building (the one I'm located at). To see the schedule of events and more visit the BU Day website to learn how you can get involved.

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