Thursday, December 16, 2010

Phographer Alert - Amber Kvamme

Hello you all's. When I was about eight years old I met a very dear friend, who I'm happy to say is still a close friend today. We grew up down the street from each other, made tree houses, went sledding, dressed up for school dances together...pretty much everything teenage girls do.

Anywho, I know her entire family...very well, and was so excited to invite them all to my wedding this past summer. Heck, my long-time friend even left work early to pick up my flowers and arrange my centerpieces at the last moment.

AND, her younger sister Amber, a budding photographer to say the least, took the liberty and pleasure of taking some snaps from her point-of-view as a guest at our wedding, without even being asked. Yes, this family is that sweet.

Here are a few of the beautiful shots she gathered that even our paid photographer didn't catch!

Isn't she fabulous? Thank you Amber for your candid participation at our wedding! For all of you in amazement, more of Amber's shots are on her site. You might even catch a few more glimpses from our wedding.

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