Thursday, January 21, 2010

Running into a wall

A wall of ideas that is. Or, maybe it's that my mind is too full of ideas. As you may have noticed, I've been writing less frequently lately. I don't think it's because there aren't topics to write about, I think it's because I've been processing and expressing my inspiration, ideas, thoughts in a different way lately.

First off, most of my energy is being spread pretty thinly across many different areas: employment opportunities, coaching volleyball, graduate school, searching for a home and wedding planning. My R&R time has diminished a bit and thus my time for thinking through and evaluating everyday life.

I enjoy each activity thoroughly, but any down time to process information has usually been passed off on others instead of being written down or internally processed first. It's not that I don't find internal processing beneficial. Thinking critically assures and convicts oneself of your thoughts, emotions, decisions, etc. before letting outside judgment dictate. I usually spread information verbally to friends and family fairly quickly, but lately the need for speed, efficiency and affirmation of thoughts, ideas and plans has increased and intensified. Thus, a step has been removed from my sequence.

I'm trying to regain this step in my life. Although time is sometimes of the essence, it's usually worth it when dealing with important, expensive or meaningful accounts.

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1 comment:

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

I can totally identify with your feelings of spreading yourself thin! It's nice to have so many exciting things and ideas whirling around you, but it's also important at times to sit back and reflect. Oh the busy world in which we live...
XX Kate