Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Experimental art event for friends, success

Recently I held a little experimental art sale event at my apartment. Not the kind where I would self-exploit my apartment and myself into fearing life, but an intimate group to see if friends and family of friends would be interested in this sort of thing.

I've thought a lot about how crazy it is that a majority of my friends are artists in one way or another. And although I would consider myself a creative person as well, they are creative in amazing ways that I am not. I began thinking about how I may share in their experiences with them through some means of support, if in fact this is even an interest of mine. Dreams of creating a space for them to grow and do the things they love to do floored my mind. Designing a place, being the facilitator of such things and communicating to those all around.
I moved into an apartment not more than two months ago and caught myself thinking of how I might decorate and wondering what I would put on my walls. Ding, Ding, Ding! (An idea popped into my head)

What if my good friend Serena would like to decorate my walls with her photography?

What if we had an invitation for others to view and possibly purchase her artwork?

After talking to Serena who was ecstatic about the idea of an art show, I invited other friends who may want to contribute their art to the event as well.

Soon enough my fashion friend Kirby and her business partner Christina hopped on board with their fashion accessories.

My friend and former roommate Michelle who is pretty much a master, at least in my mind, at pottery and all else crafty soon followed and even brought some wonderful hand-made terrariums.

As the artists figured out their price points and sent their items to me, I bought some wine and appetizers to serve at the event and invited all our friends and family.

By design my apartment wasn't to attract a large number, but I was pleased with the number of friends and family that did come and that most purchased the hand-made goods.

Although by my expectations the event was a success, I think next time I would love to use a different space to allow free invitation for any and all.

To see fashion accessories by Kirby and Christina, visit their Etsy @ button + boo

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