Monday, December 15, 2008

First baby steps for wine cellar planning

Someday, someday that is most likely in the very distant future, I want to have a wine cellar. I currently don't have a place to have a wine cellar even if I were ready for one.

However, something tells me that more work will go into having a wine cellar than the time I've spent dreaming about having one. I probably should research wine cellars, etc. before I am ready for one, or am even able to develop one.

My first baby steps/brain-dumping:

1. Read up on materials, blogs, articles
2. Research needs for a wine cellar space
3. How to maintain a wine cellar
4. Check out wine cellars
5. What kind of wine cellar do I want? (Supposing there are different types)
6. Develop scope of wine cellar
7. Process to getting the wine cellar I want (Scope vs. Affordability, etc.)
8. Where to start…get started

Have you dreamed about having a wine cellar and don't know where to begin? Or, having desired one, gone about a process to actually starting one? What were your baby steps?

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